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Love my trike and so do many people in the Resort.

Hank says hello and hope you do well at the shows.

Best of luck to you Virginia”

Received by email from Virginia (Ginny) O.




“My Trike is becoming an important part of my social life. I like to go hangout at the Forks. There is coffee and lots of people to watch. Finally we are getting some good weather and Winnipeg people are hanging out in droves.


On the way home today I got stopped three times to talk about my cool wheels, which lead to introductions and a visit. My ten minute ride took forty minutes.


One can never get to many friends.

Further to that one couple I met lives in a 55Plus building. I gave them a bunch of cards because they want to share them with people in the building. I gave them my phone number in case someone wants a demo.


So a trike is a good way to meet people”

Steve B Canada 2015




Dear Ian, Thank you for your email message dated 19 February, regarding the white basket for my New EcoTrike. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to find the wire basket that I wanted. I have enclosed a personal check for $38.00 in payment for the basket. I’m really glad that we took the precaution of writing a check to pay the remaining balance for the EcoTrike when we weren’t sure if the transaction had gone through> It saves hassle for both of us when we found that it didn’t and ensured that you received prompt payment. If you haven’t already done so, please send some business cards that I can give to friends that are interested in the possible purchase of your product. Everyone I have had the chance to show my EcoTrike to really like what they see.


Sincerely, Colleen




I cannot thank you enough for selling us this trike. She absolutely loves it and rides it every day. It is so great to see her get out the house on a daily basis just to take a ride on her trike. She even rode it to the Doctor’s office last week. Before we had the trike it was weeks sometimes before she would ever leave the house. ( I took her license away a few years ago so she is not allowed to drive the car!!) Although she has been known to steal the car to drive it to Target once in a while. So now I’m hoping that as she has the trike she will not feel the need to steal the car anymore.


Best wishes, Candie




My wife and I are full time RV’ers, therefore we travel extensively around the country. Unfortunately for me I have two bad knees and neuropathy in both feet which really makes getting around very uncomfortable. We were in Florida last year and went to the Tampa RV show to see all the new models and also the many different accessories and products that were available for RV’ers. I was looking for a scooter or trike to get around on that was light weight and convenient to take down and transport. That is when I met Ian and was introduced to the EcoTrike. I have had many people look at it and question me about the quality and the price. I have told them all the same, this has been the best investment I have ever made to improve my comfort and mobility, ever. Period. My trike has been coast to coast and used on blacktop, gravel, sand and grass and it has performed flawlessly. Not one issue ever. Their knobby tire up front would be ideal for terrain other than pavement and concrete. Long story short, I am absolutely satisfied with this product from day one. I try to get anyone I meet that is considering getting any type of transportation to get the EcoTrike the first time and enjoy their new purchase. I doesn’t get any better than this.


Doug Hannah, Springfield MO




My Mom’s having some difficulty getting around and her mobility is decreasing while she is ageing. This is a sharp looking device and it’s increased her mobility, she looks great on it and it’s easy to operate.


Dr. Michael S, Plant City, Florida




It’s excellent. I’m riding higher and its smoother and I like the lights and it’s all round great.


Kathy, Tampa, FL




I love it. Really, really love it. Beats walking. Price of gas is so high. Yea it’s for me.


Pam, Canada




Puerto Rico at the airport. No problems they loved out trike and everybody wanted to get one and they took it right at the gate and we rode it all the way to the plane. We got on the plane and got it right back up. It was just as smooth as can be.


Pat, Oakland, FL




“I think it’s great. Because I’m legally blind I can’t drive myself. I also now have problems with Arthritis so I now have problems with mobility and walking around. So this is the perfect solution and this is the first time in twelve years I’ll be able to run away from home!”


Linda H, Tampa, FL




We love our EcoTrikes. My husband and I had other three wheel trikes for a couple of years and they were very insecure and wobbly. But the EcoTrike is very solid and so much smoother and we love the front light and underneath LED lights so we can ride in the dark. We added baskets in the back and bicycle mirrors and cup holders to complete our riding experience. I like riding sitting down and my husband likes riding standing up like a Segway. Both are very comfortable. There is a lot of room for our feet and we love the cell phone USB twin charger that is built in too. Ian and his team have been awesome. Very helpful and quick to respond to any of our needs. We love our EcoTrikes!


Penni S, Lakeland, Florida




"You can't choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you react to it." I didn't choose to get sick. I didn't choose to experience chronic pain, widespread inflammation, motor control difficulties, and more. I didn't choose any of that, but I choose to use an EcoTrike and my life changed for the better. I have now used the EcoTrike for five plus years and I have enjoyed every ride! I call it MOBILITY WITH DIGNITY! When you ride on a EcoTrike, you choose to take part in life by increasing your mobility exponentially. People come up to me all the time and ask about my trike. They've never seen one like it, they say. I tell them it goes 16+ mph, up to 30 miles on a charge, and then I flip the cool blue underdeck LED accent lights on and they are wowed. I have no choice, the EcoTrike is my legs so it has to be dependable. And it is. I have driven over 700 miles on it. I love the trike and I love folk’s reaction to it. It's the EcoTrike itself that enables an individual to maintain a fulfilling life in spite of illness or injury. Using my EcoTrike, though, I can say, "Illness, do your worst! You aren't stopping me from living life!" I do things with my EcoTrike I couldn't have done otherwise. I've danced again on my EcoTrike, flown, done cruises, traveled on my EcoTrike, and I'll be walking my daughter down the aisle on my EcoTrike! To me, that's the complete opposite of giving up.


Rich G, Orlando Florida







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